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Today, we have more than 20 years experience in instrumentation especially in supplying process calibration instruments to almost all sectors of Industries in Malaysia. We represent world well -known brand of Calibration Instruments- Ametek Calibration Instruments ( Jofra, M&G and Crystal Engineering) covering Territories MALAYSIA and BRUNEI.

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To become a preferred center of choice by customers in Malaysia to seek their calibration solutions based on the following concepts:

Our temperature calibrators and pressure gauges play a vital global role in facilitating the optimal development, storage, and preservation of food, beverages, medicines, as well as sustaining operations in critical sectors like oil and gas, power, energy, and water/wastewater, contributing to energy efficiency, safety, temperature control, and various essential functions.

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If you use measuring devices at your company, you likely want them to be as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, any measuring instrument will experience wear over time, affecting its precision. Though devices will age, you can calibrate them to improve their accuracy and ensure you always have reliable results. Since calibration is crucial for consistency, you’ll probably want to know more about what it is.

What Is Calibration?

Calibration refers to the process of standardizing or adjusting measuring equipment to help it deliver more precise results. During calibration, a technician will measure a piece of equipment versus a baseline to see if they match.

If the equipment’s measurement doesn’t meet an acceptable accuracy ratio set by the standard, a trained tech will make adjustments until it does.

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Over time, any measuring device’s accuracy will begin to decline. Usually, this decreased accuracy is due to standard wear on various components, but it can also occur due to a harmful environment or mechanical or electric shocks. The rate at which measuring equipment will lessen can vary based on its surroundings and type.

Due to this reduction in measuring accuracy, organizations with measuring equipment prioritize regular calibration. By calibrating your equipment, you ensure it has the precision required to complete tasks correctly.

Calibrating measuring devices also ensures you maintain a high level of product quality.
The reasoning behind equipment calibration boils down to reliability. When you regularly calibrate your instruments, you know your measuring device is accurate and will give your team readings in line with your other measuring devices. If you want precision and consistency from measuring instruments, calibration is a must.

Calibration To Keep Process And Production Operate In Its Optimum Condition To Safeguard The Three Important Aspects: Quality Safety  Cost Saving

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